MPP Pleased With Wind Turbine Removal Order

The MPP for¬†Chatham-Kent-Essex is pleased with Transport Canada’s decision to order the removal of eight wind turbines near the Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport.

MPP Rick Nicholls says he fully supports the decision to remove the wind turbines, which infringe on airport zoning regulations. He says the regulations exist for a reason.

“On a beautiful sunny day (with) blue skies, it’s probably not an issue. But what about foggy days, what about strong windy days,” he says. “I am very concerned about the safety of the pilots, passengers and the families involved.”

Nicholls says he anticipates GDF Suez, the owner of the affected turbines, will appeal the order and delay the removal of the turbines.

“They will fight and tie it up in the courts,” he says. “But I say when it’s a safety issue involving members of our community, Transport Canada has to follow through.”

Transport Canada has ordered that all eight wind turbines be removed by December 31, 2014.