Chatham Jail Closing Ceremony (GALLERY)

Flags are lowered outside the Chatham Jail at the closing ceremony, July 4, 2014. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

The ceremonial key has been passed over and the flags have been lowered at the Chatham Jail.

The last inmates were transferred from the maximum security prison on May 16 and they will be housed at the Elgin-Middlesex facility until the new Southwest Detention Centre in Windsor is ready.

Superintendent Albert Henderson says the outdated jail with failing infrastructure is not suitable for current correctional services procedures. “The movement we’re going to now with direct supervision, knowing where we come from and what we’ve had to offer, direct supervision is definitely the way to go.”

Compared to the 164-year-old facility the Southwest Detention Centre has much more natural light, more open space and more room for rehabilitation programming. Inmates are expected to begin transferring there within the month.