Woodland Policy May Not Satisfy

A public meeting is held at Chatham Memorial Arena on July 2, 2014 for residents to review a proposed policy on woodland conservation. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Residents in Chatham-Kent seem to feel the municipality is putting forward an honest effort in crafting a conservation policy for its woodland areas, but isn’t really hitting the nail on the head.

“You know the guy that bulldozes, he gets the tax break and the one that’s planting trees doesn’t,” says Theo Van Asten, the Cedar Springs resident feeling the policy is too late and won’t stop trees from being cut down.

Greg Bull lives in Chatham and likes what he saw in the policy, but thinks it’s too weak on its own.

“Even though there are some enforcement initiatives in the policy, it doesn’t have the same teeth that a bylaw would,” says Bull. “I agree with the policy, but I think we should have both.”

A handful of residents attended a Wednesday evening public meeting on the policy proposal at Chatham Memorial Arena.

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