Town Prepares For Life Without Heinz file photo of Heinz factory in Leamington.

Leamington Mayor John Paterson calls today’s closure of the Heinz plant “a new beginning.”

Paterson acknowledges there will be a number of residents in his town that will be negatively impacted by today’s closure, but he’s trying to keep a positive attitude . “It’s a sad day in our history. 104 years the HJ Heinz company has been in our municipality. But, on Monday morning Highbury-Canco starts up and now we really need to focus on the future.”

Paterson says he’s spent a lot of time wondering if there’s anything the municipality could have done to prevent the closure, and he’s confident council did what they could do.

He says his focus now is to work with Highbury-Canco to grow the business, with the hopes of creating more jobs.