Junior Hockey Appeal Turned Down

Chatham Maroons play the Leamington Flyers in the GOJHL western conference final in Chatham. Photo taken on April 1, 2014 by Ashton Patis.

The GOJHL committee that is fighting for Jr. A status is experiencing another setback.

The Ontario Hockey Federation has declined to hear the group’s appeal after the OHA denied their application. St. Thomas Stars GM Joe Daniels says members of all 27 teams in the league will discuss their options on Saturday.

“It’s up to the teams which direction they want to head,” says Daniels. “I’m one of six on a transition committee that will put different options up there and at that point and time there will be a vote and we’ll see what takes place.”

The OHA previously stated that it sees no reason to bump the current 22-team Junior A class to 49 teams.