General Motors Plant Becoming Warehouse

The former General Motors plant on Kildare Rd. in Windsor (Photo by

A Chatham business man who bought the former General Motors plant in Windsor says crews are already gutting the facility and transforming it into a warehouse.

Don Tetrault, who operates Tatro Trucks in Chatham, tells he is still not exactly sure what will become of the Kildare Rd. property.

“We’re doing a complete tear out of the plant first, we’re tearing all the existing old equipment in there, basically making it into a warehouse status and then we’re going to try to lease it in sections,” says Tatro. “If we do have problems and don’t have tenants in the next 6, 7, 8 months we’re probably going to look at doing tear down and go from there, then we would develop it.”

Tetrault would not disclose how much the property sold for.