Canada’s Largest Wind Farm

The 124-turbine South Kent Wind Project is now officially complete, making Chatham-Kent home to the country’s largest wind farm.

The turbines are placed along the 401 corridor from Tilbury to Ridgetown and are capable of powering 100,000 homes each year. The project is a joint venture between Samsung and Pattern Energy.

“We look for communities that want to sit down and try to work with us and realize that we are going to be here for 20 years. They were open, they were candid with us, they welcomed us. If we were going to be good neighbours then we were going to be good neighbours back,” says President and CEO of Pattern Energy Michael Garland, who notes choosing the right site is often difficult. “Does it have reasonable wind? Does it have reasonable connection? Is there a need for the power?”

The contracts with the private land owners are in place until 2034. Samsung and Pattern Energy have donated $11-million to a community fund.

Over 500 workers were involved in the construction process and it is expected 22 people will be hired for operational and maintenance needs.