Commercial Vehicles A Concern

A transport truck is flipped over in the westbound lanes of Hwy, 401 near Dorchester on June 8, 2014. (Photo by Bob Becken)

Crashes involving commercial vehicles on Hwy. 401 killed 68 people across Ontario in 2013, but OPP say it’s hard to pinpoint which stretch of the highway¬†is most dangerous.

The OPP is inspecting commercial vehicles as part of Operation Corridor, making sure all transport trucks on the road are as safe as can be.

“I wouldn’t say there’s one area more problematic than the other, where there is heavy traffic volumes and heavy delays we often get more collisions. The whole 401 corridor is obviously a concern for us because we do have more commercial vehicles,” says Media Relations Coordinator for the OPP’s Highway Safety Division Kerry Schmidt. “It’s a shared responsibility and it always changes from one collision to another. When there’s large commercial vehicles involved, because of their sheer size and mass, they often cause a lot more damage and can cause serious injuries.”

OPP investigated 8,400 collisions involving large commercial vehicles in 2013.