Clarifying Increasing Hydro Rates

Wallaceburg Councillor Jeff Wesley is asking Entegrus to make a presentation to Chatham-Kent Council to explain why hydro rates continue to increase.

Welsey tells several local businesses are hurting and are in danger of closing due to skyrocketing hydro costs.

“Give us all the reasons why the costs are going up, talk to us about what the future increases are going to be so business owners can plan and let’s talk about the things that we can do to, both council and Entegrus, to make sure our hydro rates remain competitive and we’re competitive with different jurisdictions,” says Wesley. “If it keeps going the way it is and if the increases are what I think they’re going to be in the next five years, some of these businesses aren’t going to survive or they’re going to go to places like Michigan and Ohio where they’re welcoming them with open arms and lower hydro rates.”

Energy rates for industrial enterprises in Ontario are anticipated to rise 55% in the next 20 years. As of May 1, the energy portion of electricity bills in Ontario jumped by 4.7% for homeowners and small businesses.