Chatham Subdivision Denied Again

A 20-year fight to develop a subdivision on the southeast side of Chatham isn’t over.

Chatham-Kent Council has denied the draft plan by Forestglade East Development Ltd. and Kringa Inc. The nearly 60 acres of land is listed as agricultural and also contains a woodlot.

But Councillor Joe Faas says there’s a key reason the subdivision draft plan was turned down. “There’s enough housing availability, lots in the urban centre now without bringing this into the urban centre,” says Faas. “That’s what the proposal was, was to bring it into the urban boundaries.”

Faas says the first application was prior to amalgamation but the developer never got the approvals needed back in the old Harwich days. The development calls for the development of 81 single family homes and 55 multiple units. The developers can fight council’s ruling and take it to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) for appeal.