Self Serve Police Reporting file photo of the Chatham-Kent Police Services headquarters.

A new computer installation should make it easier for people to deal with Chatham-Kent police in matters that don’t actually need an officer.

Police Chief Dennis Poole says the approximately $6,000 unit will make a number of items self-serve so they can be handled outside of regular office hours.

“To come in and file their applications for police clearance checks, they’ll be able to file a report on-line directly with us if they’ve had their car broken into or some other minor incident that has happened,” he says. “The challenge that we will have is that in 2015 all persons will be required to be fingerprinted as well.”

The unit will soon be installed in the public area of police headquarters but Poole says consideration is being given to setting up north and south configurations as well in Blenheim and Wallaceburg.