EQAO And Standardized Testing Review

(Photo courtesy of shinealigth via Flickr.)

The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association is asking individual school boards across the province to give feedback on the way EQAO and all standardized testing is conducted.

The OPSBA is conducting its first ever survey to solicit feedback on the current process. Results show that often, students see the tests as a stressor and the results are used for ranking schools, when in reality the main objective is to ensure the curriculum is working in all areas of Ontario.

“There is pressure that kids perceive, whether it’s actually real doesn’t matter because it’s pressure that they feel and trying to do it in a non-threatening way is the best way to get a more accurate snapshot,” says Vice Chair of the Lambton Kent District School Board Ian Cryer. “One of the things is that there are a number of students who are not necessarily adept using a pen or pencil and paper, having assisted devices and technology to help them in that process would give them a very accurate reflection of their ability, which is not hampered by a pen and paper.”

The final findings of the survey will be discussed with the Ministry of Education and the Education Quality and Accountability Office.