Voter Apathy A Major Concern

The final all candidates debate hosted by reveals Lambton-Kent-Middlesex candidates are concerned about voter apathy in Ontario.

“I think people get tired of all the negativity,” says Liberal candidate Mike Radan. “I think what we need to do is try to work better together. Those 107 people who get elected on Thursday need to work together and do what’s best for Ontario, not what’s best for their political party.”

Meanwhile, others believe corruption and scandal is discouraging voters.

“We need change in Ontario,” says Conservative Monte McNaughton. “We need jobs to come back and we need balanced budgets.”

Advance polls show a 6% decline in voter turnout so far, something NDP candidate Joe Hill is not surprised by.

“To get voter confidence back I think you need accountability in the government. We haven’t seen much accountability in the last ten years.”

However, James Armstrong of the Green Party wants Ontarians to know there is another option come June 12.

“Nobody wants to continue to vote for the three big parties because all they do is continually fight,” says Armstrong. “You see some of the language that is being used and some of the commercials that you see, I don’t vote for them either and that’s one of the reasons I’m running for the Green Party.”