Hope Declares Conflict On Annex

Capitol Theatre Annex. June 25 2013. (BlackburnNews.com file photo)

For the first time since discussions involving the Capitol Theatre Annex started, the mayor has declared a conflict of interest.

Randy Hope says he’s “playing it safe” because his daughter works for the current owner, Apollo Contracting, and he’s already been through a lawsuit on the issue.

“I didn’t declare a total conflict of interest on the issue,” says Hope. “It was when the discussions of council swayed itself into the current owner of the annex, then I excluded myself from that because it was stepping in the areas that it would be a potential conflict of interest.” Hope adds that as long as the discussion involves the capitol theatre, the annex, St.Clair College, and the municipality, then he’s OK to be part of the talks.

Hope was acquitted of any wrongdoing last year after former mayoral candidate Ian McLarty accused the mayor of having a conflict of interest stemming from a council vote in June 2013 granting $1.3-million to St. Clair College for the theatre annex project.