Final Chatham-Kent-Essex Debate file photo.

Chatham-Kent-Essex candidates got a final chance to sway voters during the all candidates debate, with wind energy and job creation becoming hot-button issues.

“You cannot deny a farmer the right to have turbines to make extra money to run his small business, but at the same time we have to make sure people feel comfortable with turbines,” says NDP candidate Dan Gelinas. “We want to be recognized by other provinces in Canada and the world that we are back as a province.”

Conservative Rick Nicholls says the two issues go hand-in-hand. “Energy rates are driving businesses out of Ontario. The energy rates need to be brought under control, and by doing that we are hoping to be able to attract investment into this province.”

Meanwhile, the Green Party wants to see a complete restructuring of the system.

“The way they were rushed in was undemocratic and the turbines could have been purchased right across Canada, rather than paying top-dollar right here in Ontario,” says Green Party candidate Ken Bell. “It’s nice to produce jobs in Ontario, but at the same time it’s the cost of these things that we’re paying for.”

First time Liberal candidate Terry Johnson says really, what Chatham-Kent-Essex needs is someone to bring small-town issues to Toronto.

“People in this community do not need another party-yes-man to tell them what the thinking in Toronto is,” says Johnson. “They want someone who is going to represent Chatham-Kent.”

Ontario votes this Thursday, June 12.