Horwath Revisits Region

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath rallies support alongside NDP candidate for Chatham-Kent Essex Dan Gelinas. June 6, 2014. Photo by Ashton Patis.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says her party will focus on job growth and propping up the agricultural sector in Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex, an area she sees as being neglected by previous governments.

Horwath is campaigning in the region for a second time, making appearances with Lambton-Kent Middlesex candidate Joe Hill, Chatham-Kent Essex candidate Dan Gelinas and Windsor West candidate Lisa Gretzky.

“Southwestern Ontario has been hit hard and these ridings have been ignored by the corrupt Liberal government we’ve had in the past. I think this riding and this part of Ontario shows very clearly the failures,” says Horwath in Chatham, a city neither Tim Hudak or Kathleen Wynne has made campaign stops in. “Jobs have left in droves, the agricultural sector has been battered by a party that didn’t care about it and made things worse when they got rid of the slots at racetrack program. I think what the people of Chatham are saying is that they want a party that’s going to respect them.”

Horwath told constituents she will not back Tim Hudak at Queen’s Park if she is elected as premier.

Both Chatham-Kent Essex and Lambton-Kent Middlesex ridings are currently held by Conservatives. Liberal Teresa Piruzza is the MPP for Windsor West.

Tomorrow, Horwath will host a campaign event with all local candidates at 8am at 35 Victoria Ave. in Windsor before heading to London.