Dr. Jack Parry Nominees

The nominees for the 2014 Dr. Jack Parry Award have been announced.

The award is handed out annually to the top graduating male and female student athletes in Chatham-Kent.

The winners will be announced on Thursday, June 12 at 7pm at the Ursuline College Theatre.

Female Nominees

Vanessa Pepper – Blenheim District High School

Laura Wiersma – Chatham Christian High School

Madilyn Green – Chatham-Kent Secondary School

Krystine Goodison – Ecole Secondaire de Pain Court

Laura Pollowick – John McGregor Secondary School

Mallory Martin – Lambton-Kent Composite School

Shelby Johnston – Ridgetown District High School

Alana Lansue – Tilbury District High School

Michelle Truong – Ursuline College

Emily Ross – Wallaceburg District Secondary School

Male Nominees

Craig Oakley – Blenheim District High School

Cameron Koomans – Chatham Christian High School

Jacob Lindley – Chatham-Kent Secondary School

Justin Turdell – Ecole Secondaire de Pain Court

Josh Reding – John McGregor Secondary School

Daniel Moffat – Lambton-Kent Composite School

Evan Koldyk – Ridgetown District High School

Connor Corchis – Ursuline College

Shane Outridge – Wallaceburg District Secondary School