Walpole Island Campaign Night

(BlackburnNews.com file photo by Dave Richie)

It is campaign night in Walpole Island as the community looks to elect a new chief and band council.

There are a total of 43 candidates vying for 12 band council positions in the June 14 election. Burton Kawayosh will not run for re-election, serving only one term as Walpole Island’s chief.

“It’s really up to the candidates to say what issues are important to them,” says Walpole Island Political Advisor Jason Jenkins. “Members will come out, candidates for chief and council will speak to their platform. It’s just to give members a better idea of who is running and what issues are important to those candidates.”

Campaign night runs tonight from 6pm-10pm at the Walpole Island Sports Complex. Jenkins anticipates about 25% of eligible voters to hand in a ballot .