Federation Of Canadian Municipalities Meeting

Chatham-Kent’s general manager of community development is back from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual conference in Niagara Falls with fresh ideas for our area.

Municipal leaders from across the nation met to discuss challenges municipalities are facing, such as deteriorating infrastructure and youth retention.

“Our situation may be a little more difficult than some other municipalities. Some areas are attracting people in droves. But, our friends in the Maritimes are also experiencing very much the same thing, where youth are moving away and people are leaving to find work and it’s making it difficult for the communities they leave behind,” says Bob Crawford. “One of the benefits of being an amalgamated community, and I know sometimes people often struggle with the benefits of it but I talked to some of my counterparts from smaller communities who are trying to attract and retain everything from physicians to youth and they lack the resources to tackle it the way we have.”

Crawford says he will bring his feedback to the economic development and tourism teams to discuss. The FCM winter conference will take place in London.