Public Consultation On Marijuana Facility

The town of Lakeshore is moving ahead with plans to host a medical marijuana facility.

CEN Biotech has applied for a zoning change so the company can expand its facility, which is currently under construction just off Manning Rd. in Lakeshore. However, since the town has never dealt with a facility that produces marijuana or hemp, changes must be made to the official plan.

“Administration will be dealing with their requests. That’s for the original piece of property, to build on the entire piece, which is over 10 acres. It will also involve a public meeting where the public will be able to have input,” says Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain. “What they’re allowed now is simply under the agricultural policy, it’s 60,000 sq. ft. indoors. This proposal will allow them to use the entire 10 acres.”

CEN Biotech has been buying up other parcels of land in the area, but Bain tells the company will have to go through the same process for each build.

A public meeting will be scheduled in the coming weeks.