New Licence Plate Scanning Technology

OPP cruiser with new licence plate scanning camera.

The OPP is investing in new car-mounted cameras capable of scanning two licence plates per second.

The goal is to target suspended drivers or those with expired plates. The Chatham-Kent OPP has one cruiser equipped with two cameras right now, 30 are to be rolled out across the province in the coming months.

“It allows us to capture a number of vehicles travelling down the roadway where an officer travelling down the roadway may only be able to capture one plate at a time,” says OPP Constable Christopher Hogg. “The old school way of doing this was simply driving down the roadway and trying to look at the little validation sticker on the back licence plate and then running it with the provincial communications centre to get the information back, now it does all of that within about a half a second.”

The system is also capable of scanning for specific licence plates during an amber alert when a child is missing and there is a suspect vehicle description.