Strawberries at Raymont's Berries in Cottam. (Photo courtesy Raymont's Berries)

Local Strawberries In Short Supply

Strawberries could be in short supply for LaSalle’s Strawberry Festival next week.

The first of the local berries are being picked today, but Brad Raymont of Raymont’s Berries in Cottam says supplies are short. “It’s definitely going to be a lot tighter this year than other years. I’m going to contact a few other growers to make sure there’s going to be enough local strawberries on hand for the festival.”

Raymont expects to sell out daily at his County Rd. 14 stand daily until the harvest picks up next week.

The LaSalle Strawberry Festival goes through between 300 and 400 flats of local berries each year. The harsh winter and cold, cloudy spring has delayed the season by two to three weeks.