Summer Camp Open House

A group of Camp Vincent kids jump into a pool. (Photo courtesy of

A chance for parents to learn about the St. Vincent de Paul Camp program.

An open house is taking place this afternoon where staff will be on hand to answer any questions and outline what the camp has to offer.

The camp leaders also go by their camp name and not their given name. Camp leader Gaga says they offer a wide range of activities. “There’s things like canoeing and archery, there’s a lot of really cool art things, singing, dancing, making crafts and awesome stuff like that,” says Gaga. “But one of the best parts is definitely the extra program, so the big themes that happen.” As an example this year, a capture the flag week is being offered.

The open house runs from 2-4pm today at 15142 Longwoods Rd. in Bothwell. The camps are for kids ages 6 to 15 and start June 6.