Windsor Hospital Foundations Unite

Executive Director of the Windsor Essex Hospitals Foundation Ron Foster, is joined by Bill Marra, Richard Vennettilli and Ilias Kiritsis, May 23, 2014. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

The Windsor Regional Hospital and Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital Foundations are becoming one.

The newly amalgamated organization is called the Windsor Essex Hospitals Foundation.

Executive Director of the former Hotel-Dieu Grace foundation Bill Marra says past and future donors will not notice any difference in their relationship with the charity. “Regardless of who donated and when, where ever they donated it for and whatever they donated for, their money will be protected for that investment.”

Marra says he is not worried about the amalgamation effecting how many people donate to the foundation, or how much money hospitals will see going forward. He says 90% of donors come to the hospital already knowing specifically where they want their money to go.

This year’s Windsor Essex Hospitals Foundation fund raising goal is $3.1-million.