Hum Report Disappointing

MP Jeff Watson delivers the results of the Windsor Hum report.

The patience of some Windsor residents is wearing thin after another inconclusive report on the Windsor hum.

The study completed by the University of Windsor confirmed the existence of the hum and that it is coming from Zug Island but could not determine a precise location.

Windsor Councillor Al Maghnieh says they are tired of waiting for answers. “I will unequivocally say right now, that is absolutely unacceptable anymore. We were very patient thinking we were going to get something more conclusive and unfortunately that is not the case. So from now on we’re going to stick to our dates, we’re going to stick to our guns, and if they’re saying July we’re going to be there in July.”

MP Jeff Watson says the Counsel General will be meeting with U.S. officials in July to try to garner support for a U.S. study.