Hum Study Inconclusive

MP Jeff Watson delivers the results of the Windsor Hum report.

Results are inconclusive after two scientific reports into the Windsor Hum.

Acoustic testing confirms there is a hum and it originates from Zug Island in River Rouge, Michigan. The report hypothesizes the hum comes from a blast furnace at US Steel but because scientists could not get on US soil the results are inconclusive.

Head of the Study, University of Windsor Professor Dr. Colin Novak, says more time is needed to get answers. “The study period was a little short mainly due to the reason that the full blown manifestation of the Windsor hum hasn’t been active like it was previously. While it was during a short period of time during our study it wasn’t enough.”

MP Jeff Watson says the Counsel General will be meeting with US officials in July in hopes of finding answers. “This is a Canadian study funded on Canadian soil so we need both the permission and the cooperation of US officials. That’s where we’re turning our efforts now as to secure some sort of study with the United States or by the United States.”

The studies cost around $60,000 and took nearly two years to complete.