New Youth Centre In Wallaceburg

Teens in Wallaceburg now have a safe place where they can hang out and get help if they need it.

The Wallaceburg Drug Awareness Council (WDAC) and the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres (CKCHC) have teamed up to open a new drop-in centre with youth counsellors, a dietician, computers with internet access, and games.

“Everyone’s complaint was that there’s nothing for the kids to do in our city, so we thought one of the main goals we were going to strive would be to get a youth drop-in,” says WDAC Lead Cherie DeBurger. “We want to give the kids an alternative to drugs and that’s the main reason we started this.”

The new centre is being housed at the CKCHC building at 808 Dufferin Ave. in Wallaceburg. It’ll be open Wednesday nights from 6pm-9pm.