Tecumseh French Immersion Plan Pushed

Parents gather at St. Anne's High School for the WECDSB ARC meeting. May 7 2014. (Photo by Trevor Thompson)

Parents of students at St. Gregory and St. Pius X Catholic Schools in Tecumseh are looking to french immersion as the best option to keep both schools open.

Francine Herlehy is a parent and a member of the ARC. She isn’t a fan of the recommendation to send all JK-Grade 6 students to St. Pius and all Grade 7 and 8 students to St. Gregory. “It divides our schools and our families. It doesn’t address the board’s reality in terms of the fiscal challenges are and doesn’t allow us to explore the real need for french immersion in the Tecumseh area.”

Cynthia Villella agrees with the idea of french immersion and says Catholic families are leaving the separate system because of it. “It’s currently the trend, it’s growing in the public system and they have to look at it in this community. It’s flourishing in other communities and it is lacking here.”

A decision will be made at the meeting on Tuesday, May 27.