More Lev Tahor Children Returned

Lev Tahor children in Chatham-Kent. Photo by Ashton Patis.

Another four Lev Tahor children are being returned to their parents.

Lawyers for Chatham-Kent Children’s Services and the ultra-orthodox Jewish sect came to an agreement this morning. The media is banned from accessing any court documents outlining the terms of conditions of the agreement.

“Today was a good day,” says Marnelle Dragila, a lawyer representing the parents in the custody case. “The parents are relieved and happy.”

The four children were placed in Jewish foster homes in the Greater Toronto Area after being apprehended in Trinidad and Tobago two months ago. The children and their parents fled the country after a judge ruled 14 children would be sent back to Quebec and placed in foster care.

Lev Tahor was the subject of a two-year long youth protection investigation in Quebec before fleeing to Chatham-Kent.

A ruling on May 29 will decide the fate of the two other children who remain in custody. They were also discovered in Trinidad and Tobago.

An infant child was released to her teenage mother last week. The pair was apprehended at the Calgary Airport.

Lev Tahor continues to deny all allegations of child brides, forced marriages, abuse and neglect.