Maintaining CK Arenas Costly

Inside Blenheim Arena. ( file photo)

Keeping Chatham-Kent arenas up to date and in safe working order isn’t cheap.

Over $600,000 has been set aside for the arenas lifecycle budget this year. The most expensive project totals over $100,000 to replace two mechanical dehumidifiers at Blenheim Arena that have lived out their life expectancy.

Over $74,000 was set aside for energy upgrades that include LED lighting and energy regulating devices, at various arenas, while a number of smaller upgrades and $80,000 in a contingency fund make up the rest of the expenditures.

The expenditures are up for approval at tonight’s Chatham-Kent Council meeting, and if given the green light would leave $1.4-million in reserves for next year’s repairs and upgrades.