Farmers Anxious To Plant

Now that we are into May, farmers are starting to get anxious because soil is still too cold and wet to plant corn.

But Area director of the Grain Farmers of Ontario Mark Huston says it’s too soon to worry. He does say, however, planting is behind where it should be. 

“I haven’t heard of very much progress, I’ve heard of a couple guys covering a couple of hundred acres here and there,” he says. “Over the last years as farmers have looked at their operations, one of the areas they’ve looked to improve has been their planting, so I think we’ve got a lot more capacity in the ability to get crop into the ground than we did a few years ago even.” 

He says switching more land to soybeans, which are planted later, isn’t a good option because a lot of farmers are already planning on increasing their soybean acreage.