Sexual Assault Victim Speaks Out

Sexual assault victim Murray Hornick speaks to media outside the Chatham courthouse. Photo taken May 5, 2014.

After years of being sexually abused by his grade school teacher, a local man is speaking out in hopes of encouraging other victims to come forward, lay charges and seek help. 

Murray Hornick was the first victim to press charges in the James Lekavy case, resulting in another eight male victims coming forward. Hornick had the publication ban protecting his identity lifted, stating he wants to become an advocate for victims of sexual assault. 

“Now that this is over, I’m kind of getting a clearer mind. I just want kids to know that this is not going to be accepted. Our youth, they’re helpless, I was helpless. I just want them to speak up and to know that if something is not right, they have the support,” Hornick tells “For the longest time I thought I was the only one. I used to ask him (Lekavy) if I was the only one and he used to tell me ‘yeah, you’re my son.’ It was overwhelming and to know that I wasn’t alone has given me some hope.” 

Hornick says the guilt and shame caused by the sexual abuse sabotaged his relationships and led him down a dangerous path of substance abuse. 

Retired Tilbury school teacher James Lekavy, 67, plead guilty to 13 historic sex-related charges on Thursday and was sentenced to two years in penitentiary. He was originally charged with over 40 crimes spanning two decades.