Former Teacher Pleads Guilty

Former school teacher James Lekavy will spend two years behind bars after pleading guilty to 13 historic sex-related charges.

A total of nine victims told police Lekavy, now 67, sexually assaulted them between 1977 and 1991 when he worked as a Grade 7 and 8 teacher in Tilbury.

The court heard Lekavy would invite the boys over to his home to babysit. They would then stay overnight and sleep in his bed where he would molest them and make them take part in oral sex. Some said he would take them to the janitor’s closet at school to take their measurements and touch them inappropriately.

“An innocent 12-year-old boy left home one day for babysitting and never came home,” says one man in his victim impact statement. “Suicide seemed like the best option. People should not be able to commit crimes like this and get away with it.”

Lekavy was originally facing a total of 40 charges, but the others were withdrawn when he decided to enter a guilty plea.  He told the judge he was “truly sorry for ruining the lives of these young men.”

He was a teacher for over 32 years, working at schools in Tilbury, Wheatley and Romney. His victims clapped and cheered as he was put in handcuffs.