Fast Train Plan Disappoints Mayor

Chatham-Kent’s mayor doesn’t like the idea of a high-speed rail system that runs from Toronto and ends in London.

Randy Hope says there’s no reason for that train to stop short of this region. “If they’re snubbing the rest of us down here in the south shores of Ontario then it’s a total mistake in what they’re doing,” says Hope. “The thing is there’s studies out there proving, talking about the issue of high speed rail, it talks about growth of the economy of Ontario and you just can’t do half of a piecemeal here, not just to those in close proximity to Toronto.”

The line would have four stops on the 70 minute trip; London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Pearson Airport, and downtown Toronto, with an average ticket price of $40.

Transportation Minister Glen Murray announced yesterday that the planning process will begin in the fall, hinging on the passing of the Liberal’s 2014 budget being tabled today.