Mayor Likes Rail Safety Investment

Stock photo.

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain is pleased Ottawa’s investing $9.2-million into improving safety at rail crossings across Canada.

The National Transportation Safety Board says over the past decade, there were 658 accidents at railway crossings, including 59 fatalities. Back in June 2010, a freight train slammed into a minivan at an unmarked crossing on Strong Rd. outside Belle River. Six-year-old Wynter Williams and her three-year-old sister Brooklyn died.

Bain says he’s glad it won’t be left to local taxpayers to fund improvements. The funding formula used to maintain crossings recently changed, but Bain believes rail companies should bear more responsibility. “There’s going to have to be a bigger amount, I believe, picked up by the railroads themselves and hopefully this doesn’t deter from making necessary changes.”

The money will pay for flashing lights, bells, gate barriers and other safety equipment at crossings.