Social Media Serious Business

Keyboard. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Windsor police are stressing the importance of social media responsibility after the second incident this year which has caused a school to go on lock down.

Comments on Twitter about someone potentially shooting up Walkerville Collegiate Institute yesterday have a 15-year-old in police custody. That follows an incident back in January which saw St. Clair College lock its doors following comments made by a student at Riverside Secondary School.

Superintendent with the Windsor Police Service Mike Langlois says everyone needs to know that threats made online are taken very seriously by authorities. “There have been times, outside of these two incidents, where it’s been said that way, ‘oh, I didn’t really mean what I said (online). I just wanted to get a reaction.’ So it’s just simply zero-tolerance. You can’t communicate any type of projected or expected violence on your behalf and expect it to be taken lightly.”

Langlois says Windsor police officers have been, and will continue to speak to high school students about the risks of sharing information online.