BIA Voices Bridge Closure Concerns file photo.

Following a meeting the Ministry of Transportation, Blenheim BIA President Adam Vandermey is cautiously optimistic about the Hwy. 40 and Hwy. 401 interchange reconstruction.

The MTO has decided on a 10-month-long closure in 2015 as the best way to reconstruct the interchange. 

Vandermey says the meeting went well. “They’re listening. And the best piece we got out of it was they wanted our ideas as far as solutions go,” says Vandermey. “One of the big concerns that we have is the truck traffic that will be coming through town.”

Those solutions include paving Horton Line between Charing Cross and Communications Rd. Vandermey says the BIA’s other concerns are business loss off the 401 and the loss of a major artery between Blenheim and the rest of Chatham-Kent. The two sides will meet again in June.