Furball Fundraiser Needs More Support

OSPCA shelter located on Park Ave. in Chatham. (BlackburnNews.com File Photo)

With less than a week to go, ticket sales are sluggish for a major OSPCA fundraiser in Chatham-Kent.

Kent Branch spokesperson Robyn Brady says all of the money raised at the 11th annual Furball FĂȘte dinner and silent auction will go towards the animals that need help the most.

“Our vet bills are our biggest cost at the shelter, so any money we receive from this goes mostly toward that,” says Brady. “Adoption costs don’t cover the cost that we put into caring for these animals, so any money we take in through fundraising helps go care for the animal.”

The Furball FĂȘte is taking place this Saturday evening, April 26, at Countryview Golf Course. Anyone who wants a ticket can buy one at the OSPCA shelter on Park Ave. E., or at one of the vet offices in Chatham.