Famed Author Alistair MacLeod Dead

Author Alistair MacLeod. Photo courtesy of web2.uwindsor.ca

Acclaimed writer and University of Windsor professor Alistair MacLeod has died. The Canadian author, who was born in Saskatchewan and moved to Nova Scotia with his family at the age of 10, was 77.

Karl Jirgens is the acted head of the english department at the University of Windsor, his office is right next door to MacLeod’s. “And so we would talk pretty much everyday,” says Jirgens. “He always made time for anybody who wanted to talk about stories or literature. He would visit classrooms or he would welcome aspiring writers to his office. He always made time for everybody. He was a generous person.”

The writer suffered a stroke in January and had been in a Windsor hospital since.

MacLeod was best known for his works; “The Lost Salt Gift of Blood,” “As Birds Bring Forth the Sun and Other Stories,” “No Great Mischief” and “To Everything There Is a Season: A Cape Breton Christmas Story.”