Weekend Review April 14 – April 18

Weekend Review is your chance to catch up on all the biggest news stories from Chatham-Kent and the surrounding municipalities in southwestern Ontario.

During the first segment, we’ll break down some of the top news stories to hit BlackburnNews.com over the past week including a big development in a Lev Tahor court case and more on the campaign known as “Not Toronto.”

The second segment focuses on BlackburnNews.com’s regional coverage of southwestern Ontario, wrapping things up with a commentary on the possibility of alcohol in convenience stores with Blackburn Radio’s John Weese.

The third segment of Weekend Review this week will allow you to get a more in-depth look at two of the stories we covered this week with extended interviews. This week, reporter Ashton Patis speaks with Denis Baraby from children services in Quebec, while BlackburnNews.com’s Trevor Thompson speaks with an official from the local public health unit about measles.