Laprise Wins UFC Contract

Chatham’s Chad (The Disciple) Laprise has a title to his name.

The MMA fighter won a split decision over Olivier Aubin-Mercier last night to become the first Canadian winner of the UFC’s “Ultimate Fighter” reality TV show.

Laprise now gets a six-year contract with the UFC for winning the title.

“I can’t describe what I am feeling right now. People are asking me what it feels like to be the first winner of The Ultimate Fighter from Canada and all I can say is I feel blessed,” says Laprise. “Olivier was tough. I knew he would be, he’s a southpaw and has a very difficult style to figure out. He is young and will come again.

“Right now, I feel so happy right now, so proud. I just had Dana White hand me a TUF finale trophy. I can’t describe what’s going on in my head.”