Concerns Over “Not Toronto” Campaign

A former Toronto resident who now lives in Chatham says a marketing campaign criticizing T.O. to attract people to the municipality is the wrong way to go.

34-year-old James Rasmussen’s educational and professional experience is in marketing. The GTA native says a marketing campaign called “Not Toronto”, which is being launched by a group that has yet to be identified, doesn’t make sense for Chatham-Kent.

Rasmussen is concerned a competitive marketing plan hasn’t been established and played out before making the aggressive statement. “There’s a methodical approach in how people make decisions from a marketing and communications perspective, and it follows those three buckets, awareness, consideration, decision,” says Rasmussen. “So when launching this type of communication you want to make sure you have the awareness and the consideration stuff laid, and the foundation set, and then you can start talking about decisions.”

While the “Not Toronto” campaign is being run by a private organization mayor Randy Hope says he’s fully on-board and will help in any way he can and doesn’t feel the message is too negative, calling it “just words.” With the mayor on board Rasmussen says people will assume it’s a municipally run campaign and won’t bother to read the fine print to see who’s really behind it. Rasmussen’s wife is a Chatham native and they recently moved to the municipality to raise their two young children.