Lev Tahor Decision Next Week

The Lev Tahor community reacts after the CBSA arrests seven members in Chatham. Photo taken on April 2, 2014 by Ashton Patis.

A decision is expected Monday on the fate of the Lev Tahor children involved in the child custody battle.

Lawyers for both Lev Tahor and Chatham-Kent Children’s Services presented their arguments today. At the heart of the issue is whether a Quebec court decision ordering the children in the ultra-orthodox Jewish sect into foster care will stand and the kids need to be sent back there, or if the issue falls under the jurisdiction of Ontario authorities.

CKCS Lawyer Loree Hodgson-Harris told Justice Templeton that “jurisdiction shopping has to stop,” adding, “there needs to be a legislative pathway to deal with these types of inter-province issues.”

In her closing statement, Superior Court Justice Templeton reiterated her stance that the interest, safety and protection of the children are her only concern.