GOJHL Looking Into Junior A

The Leamington Flyers battle the Chatham Maroons in game five of the GOJHL Western Conference Finals. April 3, 2014. (photo by Mike Vlasveld)

The Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League is pointing to better opportunity for players as part of its reasoning to apply for Junior A status.

“The teams want the ability to get the added attention that seems to go along with a Junior A status in terms of getting their kids promoted to higher levels of hockey,” says Shawn McKelvie, board chair for the GOJHL, noting the application was unanimously backed by the teams at a league meeting on March 22.

“The teams are definitely showing some interest around the fact they feel they could probably take their recruiting to another level; we don’t struggle with recruiting tremendously, what we do sometimes struggle with is retaining.”

McKelvie adds the league isn’t in any rush to have Junior A status and is happy if the league’s teams are competing for the Sutherland Cup again this time next year.

The Leamington Flyers, Chatham Maroons and LaSalle Vipers could all be Junior A teams as of next season if the Ontario Hockey Association approves the league’s application to bump up its current classification from Junior B to Junior A.