Windsor-Tecumseh MP Joe Comartin speaks to a crowd at Callivino Hall in Windsor, March 28, 2014.

Important Disability Tax Credit Information

Area NDP MPs are looking out for those applying for a disability tax credit.

Windsor-Tecumseh MP Joe Comartin says there are a number of agencies which advertise that they’ll see you through the process, but most of them can’t be trusted. “They use a gimmick of saying ‘it’s free,’ but what is free is the initial interview. If there is an award made, they take a percentage, and that can run anywhere from 30% to 50% of the award. That is quite worrisome to me. It’s taking money from people who badly need it, and the use of the service is really not necessary in most cases.”

Comartin says anyone who does need any help applying for the disability tax credit, can call him or the office of Windsor-West MP Brian Masse.

The disability tax credit has been around since 1988. There is legislation making its way through the senate right now which is expected to provide more regulation on how much these agencies can charge for their services.