Lev Tahor Children Returned

Lev Tahor children in Chatham-Kent. Photo by Ashton Patis.

Chatham-Kent Children’s Services says six Lev Tahor children have been returned to the community after their parents were arrested.

The Canada Border Services Agency apprehended seven members of the ultra-orthodox Jewish sect yesterday for alleged immigration violations. Those seven members have a total of 28 children, six of them were put in the temporary care of CKCS.

“My understanding is that one of the parents may have been released by Canadian Border Services, so one set of the children would be residing with their parent, the others would be residing with others within the Lev Tahor community,” says CKCS Executive Director Stephen Doig. “They had no functional parent at the time of the arrest.”

The Immigration and Refugee Board says three detention review hearings will take place at the Canada Border Services Agency’s Immigration Holding Centre in Etobicoke tomorrow morning. No additional information has been released.