Lev Tahor Arrests In Chatham (VIDEO)

CBSA makes arrests at Lev Tahor community outside of Chatham, April 2, 2014. (Photo by Ashton Patis)

The Canadian Border Services Agency has seven Lev Tahor members in custody.

The CBSA says members of the ultra-orthodox Jewish sect were arrested in Chatham for violating the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. A Lev Tahor spokesperson tells BlackburnNews.com those in custody are Israeli citizens, some with expired visas.

Members of the sect protested the arrests in Chatham, while children watched, screamed, cried and prayed.

Chatham-Kent Children’s Services confirms there are several Lev Tahor children in the temporary care of the agency. Director Stephen Doig says it is because both parents were arrested and there is no one left to care for the children. He notes the length of their stay in custody depends on the actions of the Canadian Border Services Agency.

The CBSA says all arrested will be processed according to Canadian immigration laws and may be detained.

Lev Tahor continues to deny all allegations of forced marriages, child brides, abuse and neglect. The 14 children who fled the country after an Ontario judge ordered them into foster care are scheduled to appear in court this week.