St. Clair Students Donate To CF

Amy Desjardins, Devin Street, Marc Peatson, Dawn Peatson and Memphis Peatson March 31, 2014. (Trevor Thompson)

A seven-year-old Chatham boy is getting a big boost from 2nd year St. Clair College nursing students.

Memphis Peatson suffers from cystic fibrosis and the nursing class recently handed over $400 for his fundraising campaign.

Student Amy Desjardins spearheaded the effort. “I found out about CF and how awful a disease it is and how there really is no cure for it,” says Desjardins. “So I joined the CF Canada committee and Chantelle Forman told me all about Memphis and his fundraising and I got inspired and told my fellow nursing students at St. Clair College.”

The cash will be donated at the Great Strides Walk at Mud Creek Park this May.