Leamington Flyers Down Chatham Maroons

Chatham Maroons play the Leamington Flyers in the GOJHL western conference final in Chatham. Photo taken on April 1, 2014 by Ashton Patis.

The Leamington Flyers take a 3-1 series lead in the GOJHL western conference final after beating the Chatham Maroons 3-1.

Kyle Brothers had the lone goal for the Maroons. Cole Chevalier, Dylan Seguin and Tony Spidalieri scored for the Flyers.

“We’re playing like ‘oh well, if we win, we win and if we lose, we lose’,” says Chatham Coach Mark Davis. “We have to play like we want to win.”

Meanwhile, Coach for the Leamington Flyers Tony Piroski called it their best game yet, but notes the series is not over. “Bottom line is you have to win the fourth one, and that’s always the toughest one to win.”

Game 5 is on Thursday in Leamington at 7pm.