Opening Day Excitement

Transit Windsor tunnel buses filling with people for Tigers Opening Day in Detroit, March 31, 2014.

Hundreds of people are filling Transit Windsor tunnel buses, as they head across the border for Tigers opening day.

More than 40,000 fans will pack Comerica Park, but many go over just to take in the atmosphere of downtown Detroit.

Tigers fan Blair Bradshaw says, “it’s always a great celebration. I have yet to go to a game on opening day, I just go for the party. We’re big Tigers fans, we go to games all year long, but opening day has a different ambience about it.”

Meanwhile, Darren Pelcz says he’s been attending Tigers opening day games for each of the last 16 years with his father. “It’s a tradition. Whether they’re going to be great, or we’ve been there on years where the city’s excited because the team hasn’t lost yet.”

Most fans waiting for buses at Windsor’s downtown transit terminal have mixed feelings about how Detroit’s team will do this season, but all are excited about the weather for opening day, which is expected to be sunny with temperatures around 11 C (52 F).